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At Uplink we're not building a product, we're building an ecosystem. It's designed to address the complexities of contemporary network connectivity not by replacing existing solutions but by creating a self-sustained and infinitely scalable system that decentralizes both operational responsibilities and financial incentives across a broad spectrum of participants. It follows the principles of decentralized Wireless, or DeWi.

Anyone, from individual Consumers to specialized infrastructure Providers, from the smallest investor to the largest ecosystem partner, can and will find their place in Uplink, along with rewards for what they provide and top-of-the-line connectivity if and when they need it.

Collaborations & Supporters

Collaboration is at the heart of Uplink. Together with like-minded businesses, we're amplifying our reach and making a bigger difference.

How it works

Uplink Dynamics

Uplink is a platform that provides network connectivity by allowing users and enterprises to either contribute to or utilize a decentralized network, directly impacting and benefitting from its growth and performance.

User-Driven Expansion

By becoming providers, both individual users and businesses are rewarded for their contribution to top-of-the-line connectivity through better coverage and uptime, as well as tailor-made networks.

Gateway Pioneers

Providers are the backbone of the Uplink system, installing gateways in all markets, providing the best connectivity at the finest prices to entire communities. You can join our community right now and become one of the first to join us as we build the world’s decentralized connectivity grid.

Get in on the groundfloor

If you are an individual or a small business interested in becoming a Provider, and helping install the Uplink system in your community, get started now. Be the first to have access to this transformative opportunity to bring DeWi to your market and provide everyone with the most reliable connectivity for the lowest prices.

Simplifying the complex:
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